Class Practice Photos

These are the same images that were worked on in class, but they've been compressed, or optimized for quicker downloading. 

For the  classroom, the photos used were saved in the TIF format to take advantage of its "non-lossy" characteristics.  In order to take advantage of size compression, these files have been converted to the JPG format.

One result of optimization is that some of the pictures will not be as sharp at higher zoom levels as they appeared in class, but for the purpose of practice at home, that shouldn't present a problem.

Download Instructions
Click a small thumbnail image below to access the full size picture.  When the image is in full view, right-click directly on the picture.  If you're using Internet Explorer as browser, select "Save Picture As" ("Save Image As" if you're using Netscape) and choose the Desktop or another destination as the "Save-In" location on your computer.

boat_no.jpg (49014 bytes) contrast.jpg (35851 bytes) crop.jpg (63162 bytes)
SCANNED.jpg (106981 bytes) girl_sky.jpg (43709 bytes) skintone.jpg (81050 bytes)
df_blur.jpg (31213 bytes) redeye.jpg (32233 bytes)
mode_bw.jpg (30698 bytes) katy_1.jpg (31665 bytes)
old_fix.jpg (41319 bytes) old_pics.jpg (63761 bytes) bad_pic.jpg (36002 bytes)

Links to the software mentioned in class:

Adobe PhotoShop 
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Ulead Smart Saver Pro

Qimage Pro

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